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Do not eat pigs

We will post here some general-interest comments (including criticisms) we receive, with attribution.  We will not post anything without first getting the submitter’s approval.

Rolling Hills Middle School, Los Gatos, CA
[Students in a 7th Grade Language Arts class wrote us after visiting our site, viewing a film on this issue, and reading “A Day No Pigs Would Die.”   Here are excerpts from some of their letters:  LETTERS.]

Reminder Not To Eat Pork:
To all the righteous people behind www.donoteatpigs.org,
I was so glad to see your info in the WW [Portland, Oregon weekly].  I did not eat pork for many years during my high school days.  However, unfortunately over time I slowly and absent mindedly started eating pork products again.  Thank you for reminding me of the reasons why I did not eat pork for all those years! With this email, my pledge to refrain once again goes into effect.  Let me know if/how I might help out!
Laurie Brandt, OR
August 4, 2000

Exposing Pig “Hell”:
Congratulations friends and comrades, for your labors of love to expose the plight of pigs. THANK YOU for establishing this site and enlightening the public to the truth of their “living hell” of an existence in pig factories.
I applaud your efforts to help these magnificent creatures that are horrifically abused. Because you are educating the public about their unique, intelligent and social qualities …. you are paving the way to making a tremendous difference for these innocent animals. You have my utmost respect and heartfelt admiration for your fine work to enlighten the public about these beautiful but long-misunderstood creatures. Keep up the good work!
Saucy Shirley, TX
June 27, 2000

Pig “Auction” Cruelty:
I gave up eating red meat, including pigs, after I saw footage of a farm animal “auction” where a pig lay helpless, unable to move, with his pelvis broken. I will never forget the image of him trying so hard to move. I gave up eating pork right then and there, so I would love to join your group and spread the word.
Jennifer Doerr, VA
June 10, 2000

Questioning Sole Focus On Pigs:
“It troubles me that you have chosen to only fight for one animal.  It appears from your site that you have chosen pigs because of their intelligence. Every second 280 chickens are slaughtered in the US, that is roughly 77 times more than pigs. Also, by only focusing on pigs, esp.
because of their intellect, you inadvertently drive up the demand for chicken, thus causing more overall suffering.”
Dave Bemel, Coordinator, Action for Animals
April 4, 2000

Free-Range Pork?
“Is there such a thing at free-range pork?  I love meat!  I believe that humans should eat meat in moderation to be healthy.  I do however object to the way domesticated animals are raised and slaughtered.  Any options besides: Go Vegetarian! or Eat Tofu?”
Brian, OR
August 4, 2000

Support From Non-Vegetarians:
“I’m 15, turning 16, and I’m very interested in this group.  I’m not a vegetarian yet, but I don’t eat pig or cows.  I’m working on chicken and turkey! my Mom is a vegetarian though!”
Janet Stewart, PA
May 4, 2000