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Teacup pigs

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Rolling Hills Middle School Letters

November, 2000


Personally, I do not eat pig since they are so intelligent.  I mean, dogs are smart but an animal that is smarter, and we eat them, well, that’s just not right.
Also, I think it does matter how an animal is treated, whether they will be eaten or not!  Shouldn’t they have a good life before they have to die for our convenience?  I was raised as a vegetarian, so I don’t think any aniamls at all should be eaten.  I don’t believe that animals were put on this earth to be eaten.


I think that even though the pigs are going to be slaughtered, I feel that they should be treated respectfully.  They should have a sty, good food, and at least be able to see their own piglets.  They shouldn’t be fake bred either.  I think it is horrible to mess up how a pig’s life would go by getting them pregnant on fake sperm.  I think about it this way, if we were to be slaughtered so that pigs could eat us, wouldn’t we want to be treated respectfully?
Second of all, if pigs are so smart, why do people kill them for food?  I do eat bacon and other things, but if we could understand how pigs think I would lay off all of the pig products.  Is there a way to decipher how pigs think so we can understand it?  If there is, most of the world’s population would be much slimmer.
Pigs are intelligent animals, but we do need all we can get to survive.  As many say, it is survival of the fittest, and if suddenly we happen to run out of cows to feed on, what will we survive on?  So until people can decipher how pigs can think or get them to help us, I think pigs should be living on farms and being used as meat where they are comfortable, not in a stall.  So until then, we do need to feed on pigs.


Does it matter how an animal is treated if it’s going to killed anyway? I think it does matter because it is really sad the way they treat pigs.  I don’t understand why people would do this, I mean people do need food, but there is fake pig products (for vegetarians) and it tastes the same.
Should intelligent animals, such as pigs, be slaughtered for food?  I think that animals that are very intelligent, they shouldn’t be killed.  It isn’t fair because if you put yourself in their position you would hate your life.  You would grow up knowing that you will be killed and eaten.
Should people eat pigs?  No, I don’t think people should eat pigs. You can always go vegetarian and they are usually very healthy.  It’s not cool that people do that (slaughter) to pigs.  It is kind of scary.


I want to talk …

About pigs

Summary:  First, because pigs are not things to be used for our frivolous enjoyment.  Second, because eating pigs supports the inhumane treatment of pigs by North American pig factories.

Eating Any (Sentient, Intelligent) Pig Is Wrong:  Pigs are sentient, intelligent, sensitive mothers, fathers, and children who embody at least 45 million years of evolution of the SusScrofa  (Eurasian wild boar) species.  As a matter of basic morality, they should be respected by humans, not eaten by them.

The pig is by far the most intelligent of the animals commonly eaten in America.  At least one study has concluded that pigs are more intelligent than porpoises, dogs, cats, or parrots.  For example, pigs are better than dogs at solving mazes.  They also are sensitive and affectionate animals.  They deserve more respect from humans than is reflected by the joke-laden labels we have given them:  “pig,” “hog,” and “swine.”

Several moral philosophers have concluded that it is immoral to eat pig flesh under any circumstances.  North Americans certainly do not need to eat these beings to survive.  To frivolously end the life of a sentient being is immoral.

Eating Factory Pigs Condones Cruelty:  In a 1999 textbook, an Oregon State University Professor of Animal Agriculture writes:

Bacon, ham, pork, sausage (or pork-based bologna and hot dogs) most likely contain pig flesh “produced” in a modern “confinement” pig factory.  The most modern of these facilities “produces” more than 2 million pigs annually per facility.  How are these factory pigs systematically treated, and how does this treatment appear to affect the pigs?

Slaughtered In Their Youth:  A pig’s natural life span is around 15 to 25 years.  Most factory pigs are slaughtered at 5-6 months of age (unless they’re used as breeders).  They are killed at less than 4% of their life span.  No matter how they are treated before they are slaughtered, this deprivation of 96% of their natural life span is wrong.

Prematurely Weaned:  Pigs are caring mothers.  Expectant pigs temporarily leave their social group shortly before giving birth, to build a remote nest.  Baby pigs naturally suckle for about 12-15 weeks and stay with their mother for about 2-3 years.  In pig factories, expectant mothers try in vain to build nests by scraping with their hooves the slatted concrete floor of their cages.  Their babies are prematurely taken from them at only about two-three weeks after birth.  The babies are weaned 9-12 weeks early because their mothers are forced into almost constant pregnancy.  A 1993 textbook notes that allowing baby pigs to wean for even twelve weeks would be “grossly uneconomic.”  When the female pigs can breed no more, after about six litters over two to three years, they are slaughtered.

Factory Well-Being Is Not Pig Well-Being:  Some argue that it would be unprofitable for pig factories to mistreat pigs, so they must not do so.  The systematically premature killing and weaning of pigs demonstrates that the welfare of individual …

Do not eat pigs

We will post here some general-interest comments (including criticisms) we receive, with attribution.  We will not post anything without first getting the submitter’s approval.

Rolling Hills Middle School, Los Gatos, CA
[Students in a 7th Grade Language Arts class wrote us after visiting our site, viewing a film on this issue, and reading “A Day No Pigs Would Die.”   Here are excerpts from some of their letters:  LETTERS.]

Reminder Not To Eat Pork:
To all the righteous people behind www.donoteatpigs.org,
I was so glad to see your info in the WW [Portland, Oregon weekly].  I did not eat pork for many years during my high school days.  However, unfortunately over time I slowly and absent mindedly started eating pork products again.  Thank you for reminding me of the reasons why I did not eat pork for all those years! With this email, my pledge to refrain once again goes into effect.  Let me know if/how I might help out!
Laurie Brandt, OR
August 4, 2000

Exposing Pig “Hell”:
Congratulations friends and comrades, for your labors of love to expose the plight of pigs. THANK YOU for establishing this site and enlightening the public to the truth of their “living hell” of an existence in pig factories.
I applaud your efforts to help these magnificent creatures that are horrifically abused. Because you are educating the public about their unique, intelligent and social qualities …. you are paving the way to making a tremendous difference for these innocent animals. You have my utmost respect and heartfelt admiration for your fine work to enlighten the public about these beautiful but long-misunderstood creatures. Keep up the good work!
Saucy Shirley, TX
June 27, 2000

Pig “Auction” Cruelty:
I gave up eating red meat, including pigs, after I saw footage of a farm animal “auction” where a pig lay helpless, unable to move, with his pelvis broken. I will never forget the image of him trying so hard to move. I gave up eating pork right then and there, so I would love to join your group and spread the word.
Jennifer Doerr, VA
June 10, 2000

Questioning Sole Focus On Pigs:
“It troubles me that you have chosen to only fight for one animal.  It appears from your site that you have chosen pigs because of their intelligence. Every second 280 chickens are slaughtered in the US, that is roughly 77 times more than pigs. Also, by only focusing on pigs, esp.
because of their intellect, you inadvertently drive up the demand for chicken, thus causing more overall suffering.”
Dave Bemel, Coordinator, Action for Animals
April 4, 2000

Free-Range Pork?
“Is there such a thing at free-range pork?  I love meat!  I believe that humans should eat meat in moderation to be healthy.  I do however object to the way domesticated animals are raised and slaughtered.  Any options besides: Go Vegetarian! or Eat Tofu?”
Brian, OR
August 4, 2000

Support From Non-Vegetarians

Teacup Pigs in Maryland

Teacup pigs for sale in Maryland

Maryland is the Mid-Atlantic estate of the US. Mini pigs trends have grown in the lands of Maryland. These pigs are very tiny in the beginning of their lives and hence, they are termed as ‘teacup pigs’. They are the productions of the adults having 13-16 inches height. The pigs have the maximum weight of 50 lbs, which makes them manageable like dogs and cats. You need to check out the various features of these pets to keep in your house in Maryland.

It is amazing to know that teacup pigs are intelligent animals having a great sense of learning and understanding the things. They are clean (unlike the farm pigs) and would love to play with you. You will be happy to keep them home and get fresh after getting cuddles from them. Even if you live alone, it is not difficult to keep them as companions. They will be very happy to stay with you and even make you fall in love with them. The environment of Maryland is good for the pigs. You can bring them home and give a separate place for them with comfortable bedding and a small blanket. The comforter will make them happy and they will be contented to be with you.

Pigs are very jolly creatures. They will play around and demand some time from your side for their personal grooming. You’ll be glad to see them growing and learning the things quite well. These animals are very fast learners and will respond to potty training and other things very quickly. They don’t shed hair and hence, the allergic people can easily keep them in their homes without worrying about the allergic reaction.

Teacup pigs are available with different breeders all over the US. You can check out various options from the Internet or in the local area of Maryland to finalize your pet for the house. Make sure that you choose the right pet because the actual size of the grownup pig can’t be determined beforehand. Check out the real parents or their images from the breeder and then decide for the purchase of these tiny creatures.

Teacup pigs in Maryland are becoming trendy. You can get all the info you need to know about them from various resources on the web. It is also possible to find out the real owners and talk to them about the pets. These joyful creatures can fill your life with happiness and hence, can be chosen as the pets for your house. It is essential to make the smart move for your purchase and get the most exciting pet to brighten your life.

Teacup pigs are available at different prices and you can choose the ones appealing you. The pigs of high quality can be purchased and proper care has to be taken for the little kid to make them fine adults. You can choose the best veterinary doctor for your pet to maintain …

Teacup Pigs in Maine

Maine is in the northern region in the US. It is the less populous state with the bordering of New Hampshire to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Residents in Maine are welcoming the trend of teacup pigs in their houses. There are many breeders in the US who supply these cute animals to Maine. They are even bred in the lands of Maine. You’ll even get a good vet for your pet to keep a track of their health. The vet is essential for keeping your pet in a good health and taking full care of them. Maine has many pet experts available and you have to choose the best one for your teacup pig for keeping track of their vaccination and giving you tips for their well being. Similar to humans in your life, pets will be a family member and love you unconditionally. The quality veterinarian is always a plus for the animal as well as their respective owners.

The Internet has made the life of people very easy. They can find out the best vet in their respective local area and even check out their reviews on the web. You don’t have to travel long distances for your pet as there are many options available in the Maine. You can even ask the people who’re having a pet and get their reviews on the best vet. You can visit them and get your personalized opinion. Whenever you are deciding to get a pet in your home, it is always good to do research about them to avoid any confusion later on. It is mandatory to do the fullest research because if you don’t like the pet, later on, it will be a bad thing for both of you. Teacup pigs are lovable and adjust with all family members, kids and pets at home.

After getting your teacup pig, contact a good veterinarian expert and set up an appointment to meet with them. Teacup pigs are becoming very common in Maine due to their increasing popularity. These are best companions for singles and even for a family. All vets know how to deal with the pets and they’ll make a card for your pet by mentioning their body stats, vaccination schedule, and other important things. Your goal should be to find the best doctor for your pet. You should make sure that the vet has the experience of dealing with teacups.

This seems to be a normal thing but teacup pigs have to be dealt very carefully. You can ask people about their opinion and check out the best one with your experience. Don’t hesitate to ask about teacup pigs from the breeder and clear all your confusions beforehand. Check out the pictures of the parents of the pigs beforehand as it can give you an idea about their growth in the adulthood. It is important to make the right purchase and buy the pig from a right source to …