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Teacup pigs

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Blog about teacup pigs

Rolling Hills Middle School Letters

November, 2000


Personally, I do not eat pig since they are so intelligent.  I mean, dogs are smart but an animal that is smarter, and we eat them, well, that’s just not right.
Also, I think it does matter how an animal is treated, whether they will be eaten or not!  Shouldn’t they have a good life before they have to die for our convenience?  I was raised as a vegetarian, so I don’t think any aniamls at all should be eaten.  I don’t believe that animals were put on this earth to be eaten.


I think that even though the pigs are going to be slaughtered, I feel that they should be treated respectfully.  They should have a sty, good food, and at least be able to see their own piglets.  They shouldn’t be fake bred either.  I think it is horrible to mess up how a pig’s life would go by getting them pregnant on fake sperm.  I think about it this way, if we were to be slaughtered so that pigs could eat us, wouldn’t we want to be treated respectfully?
Second of all, if pigs are so smart, why do people kill them for food?  I do eat bacon and other things, but if we could understand how pigs think I would lay off all of the pig products.  Is there a way to decipher how pigs think so we can understand it?  If there is, most of the world’s population would be much slimmer.
Pigs are intelligent animals, but we do need all we can get to survive.  As many say, it is survival of the fittest, and if suddenly we happen to run out of cows to feed on, what will we survive on?  So until people can decipher how pigs can think or get them to help us, I think pigs should be living on farms and being used as meat where they are comfortable, not in a stall.  So until then, we do need to feed on pigs.


Does it matter how an animal is treated if it’s going to killed anyway? I think it does matter because it is really sad the way they treat pigs.  I don’t understand why people would do this, I mean people do need food, but there is fake pig products (for vegetarians) and it tastes the same.
Should intelligent animals, such as pigs, be slaughtered for food?  I think that animals that are very intelligent, they shouldn’t be killed.  It isn’t fair because if you put yourself in their position you would hate your life.  You would grow up knowing that you will be killed and eaten.
Should people eat pigs?  No, I don’t think people should eat pigs. You can always go vegetarian and they are usually very healthy.  It’s not cool that people do that (slaughter) to pigs.  It is kind of scary.


I want to talk about the treatment of animals on food farms.  Those animals, pigs to be exact, are kept in cages all their lives!  Not even big cages, little ones where they can only lie down sideways to feed their young, move forward to eat, and that’s all!
Pigs are very intelligent animals and should not be treated the way they are being treated.  Even if they’re going to be killed, treat them nicely while they live because they have to live for 15 years so treat them good.  Pigs can be killed for food but just don’t slaughter them!  They have a right to live a good life, like us.  People can eat pigs, but I just think we can cut down on eating pigs.  I hate pork, but I love bacon.  I don’t eat that much bacon because my aunt has pigs and they’re so cute and sweet animals, like dogs. It does not feel right to eat a lot of bacon, so I’m asking people to read this letter and just start to love pigs as pets, not food.